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Have you ever watched National Geographic or the Discovery channel and were mesmerized by battles between lions and hyenas? No, just me…actually I know I am not the only one.
In these documentaries between two apex predators, I always leaned in when a lioness was isolated and trying to fight off a pack of hyenas from a recent kill. The hyenas charge and she was left helpless. The pack move in unison toward her and all she could do is run away. However, the times when the pride arrives with big boy in tow, bringing all the elements of intimidation: size, teeth, and big hair, overwhelming and scattering the hyenas. The lioness, who was once fleeing, turns and finds only one oblivious hyena still in pursuit. Now the ole girl knows she is no longer the disadvantaged. Her intent is no longer safety but vengeance, and she is going to make an example of this hyena. With a few long strides, she is on top of the once heckling creature using her superior weight and claws to put the hyena where she wants. Then in a moment as the background music reaches its peak, she ends it.
Pretty violent, but I think our pursuit for contentment needs to be violent. The hyena represents the fear and anxiety in our life, always pursuing us. The lioness is you and me pursuing a life of contentment, we either too afraid to turn and look at what is keeping us from contentment or we invite Jesus (Alpha Male Lion) and community (the pride) into our lives to help us see what is chasing us is something we can overcome.
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