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How am I managing my Finances?

Simple question, yet our hearts posture towards our finances makes all the difference in the world.

Our thoughts and emotions about finances reveal what we believe.

If last week’s post wasn’t clear enough, today I hope to clarify my approach to Life’s 3 biggest questions. Specifically the first one: Who is God? To answer this existentially or theologically, I start by discovering Him personally.

Most people view money as having and spending. This assumption leads to a lot of stress and stagnation in life and growth. In the Bible, money is referenced more times than faith. Of the thirty-eight parables Jesus taught, sixteen are related to stewarding money and resources. Therefore, my financial approach directly confronts my trust in God.

To understand Who God is, I must address my fears and worries related to money and find Him in those places.

If I claim God is all-knowing, all-powerful and cares for me, my life, my well-being, and my future; then why am I constantly anxious about not having enough money in my account? Why am I fearful when I make a purchase that benefits my life? What about my circumstances that provoke me to believe He is not looking out for me?

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