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How well am I responding to Failure?

If I had a time machine to tell my younger self one simple truth, it would be: failure is good, try to do it as much as you can. Because of failure, I discover what I am good at and what I enjoy. When my goal is perfection, my performance is dependent on me, but valuing a life of discovery comes mistakes and important corrections toward something bigger. 
Pain and failure can hurt or alter, they can make you bitter or better. They are tools to shape us into a person of conviction. There are many big choices in life but one of the hardest is between comfort or meaning. Why I am here? Why have I been put on this earth? To chase this question is to invite failure, hardship, and disappointment but also, grace, resilience, and purpose. 
Peace is not the absence of conflict but the strength amidst it.  
Joy is not devoid of pain but the force that transcends it.
Faith is not in what is seen, but what is unseen.
Do yourself a favor go fail at something today, you’ll thank yourself. 

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