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To be human is a very complex thing. To reduce myself to a job, an action, or even a relationship is to cheapen the human experience and lessens the ability to discover the vastness of existence.

Still today, I crave a simple existence. One trick or formula that results in eternal happiness and contentment. However, every day becomes an opportunity to grow and learn not from strength but weakness. My life has a past full of failure and disappointment. So to “feel” safe, I set my present on a life according to an expectation and reduce myself to an assumed mold. Why? Because there is comfort in a certain future but is it real?

The discomfort of life is not the sign to turn around but the sign to go forward. The reality of discomfort is the real me fighting to be seen and known, to be silenced no longer. Yet I continue to wish, mask, and avoid me, the original, with toys, words, or activity. When the ME that matters, moves with designed purpose to strip away the excess accumulated over time from my immaturity or someone else’s, I find the most astounding truth of…ME

Therefore, what I must confront is the fear guarding and enslaving me to a lesser form. Fear of rejection, disappointment, failure. These things are common but they are not realities only indicators.

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