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A constant reminder of the Gospel is important; most, if not all, agree this to be wise. However, reminding ourselves of the Gospel may be an oversimplification. Before I share, let me answer this, what is the Gospel? The Gospel is simply put in 3 words: WHAT Jesus DID! Not what can I do or what should I do to be right with God? The answer to those questions is…NOTHING! Therefore, the Gospel is summed up in Christ alone. His love for us, His actions toward us through His death on the cross is the sole reason for us being made right with God.

With that in mind and cemented deep within our being, everyday must become a confrontation with the truth of the Gospel.
When I believe my accomplishments “make” me a success or worthy of acceptance from my peers.
When I question my abilities or intellect to complete a task or fulfill a promise.
When culture tells me to be or act a certain way that invokes my insecurities.
When my anger becomes larger than my compassion.
There is the Gospel.

My accomplishments are nice but they will never fulfill me as much as the Love for me demonstrated on the cross.
The recognition I crave from others is small in comparison the act of love on that day two thousand years ago.
Everything I have including my abilities only exist because what was done for me.
Because what was done on the Cross, I have an eternal Kingdom reigning inside of me that is subject to no culture or earthly pressure today and forever.

The Gospel takes my struggles, my pride, my insecurities addresses them and puts them in their proper place.

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